Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

The schools of Mascoutah Community Unit School District are PBIS schools. Behavior expectations are taught to students through the matrix. Students are given opportunities to earn rewards with good behavior—there are weekly, monthly, and quarterly rewards. The behavior coupon used at Wingate Elementary is the Totem.

The attached pamphlet describes the program at our school. We believe students are positively impacted by the program: PBIS Pamphlet.

Why Is PBIS Important at Wingate Elementary School?

  • creates a more positive culture in our school community
  • challenges students and adults to maintain consistent expectations
  • inspires positive behaviors within the learning environment
  • empowers the decision-making process by utilizing behavioral data
  • celebrates the accomplishments of individuals, groups, classes, and our entire school community
  • utilizes both intrinsic recognition and extrinsic rewards

What Are the PBIS Expectations at Wingate Elementary School?

We expect all students, every day, to follow the ABCs by doing the following:

  • Acting Responsibly
  • Being Respectful
  • Choosing Wisely

Wingate Words of the Month

  • August: Goal Setting
  • September: Respect
  • October: Responsibility
  • November: Cooperation
  • December: Service
  • January: Empathy
  • February: Humanity
  • March: Honesty
  • April: Perseverance
  • May: Self-Esteem