September Newsletter

Wingate Elementary

September Newsletter

Important Dates

  • Sept 6
    • Donuts with Dad 7:30-8:20
    • Spirit Day
    • PBIS Hat Day students can wear a hat to school with a $1 donation
  • Sept 16 WES PTO Night at Dairy Queen 5:00-8:00
  • Sept 19 Fun Spot Skating Night 6:00-8:00
  • Sept 23-27 WES Book Fair
  • Sept 26 Family STEAM Night 6:00-7:30

August Spirit Day Winners - Mr Miller’s Class

Patriot’s Day Ceremony

On Wednesday, September 11th, our school will honor our military, police, firefighters, and EMS workers. We will have a short program to say thank you to these people who serve our community and nation every day. We are asking students to wear RED, WHITE and BLUE to show thanks and support to this invaluable group of people. The program will begin promptly at 8:30am in the multipurpose room and will last approximately 20 minutes. All military, police, firefighters and EMS workers are invited to attend. Please join us!

WES Skating Night at Fun Spot  

We will be having two skating nights at Fun Spot in Belleville. The first one is on Sept 19th. We will have the rink reserved for the Wingate families from 6:00-8:00. There will be a $1.50 admission charge and a charge for skate rental.

New Staff Spotlight

We would like to welcome three new teachers to our staff. Angela Schoby teaches 3rd grade, Aaron Coleman teaches kindergarten, Angela Grinter is our new Pre K teacher, and Amber Turner is our new Dean of Students. We also have four new aides this year. Abby Dirksmeyer, Lori Jones, Stephanie Perryman, and Jaime Jones have all joined the staff.

Word of the Month September: Respect

Showing regard for oneself and others.  

All School Fundraiser

This year’s fundraiser will be a fun run. Students will have the opportunity to run around an obstacle course. Students will take donations for the number of laps they complete around the course. The money raised will be used for student activities and student rewards. We will be using the company, Apex, to host the event. Apex will also be going into the rooms to deliver a leadership curriculum. The fundraiser event will occur October 15-23. The actual race will occur on Wednesday, October 23rd. Parents are welcome to attend the race and cheer on their child. A schedule for all grades will be circulated the week before the event.

School Safety

The safety of our students is always paramount. The morning drop off routine should echo that point. Please obey speed limits signs. Be careful passing cars in the drop off lane as students may exit on the drivers side. Respect others and wait your turn in line. If you are using the drop off lanes the driver should stay in the driver's seat. If you would like to get out of your seat, please pull into a parking spot.

Birthday Celebrations

It is great to see the kids excited about celebrating their birthdays. If you wish to bring edible treats for the celebration it is important to remember that they must be store bought items that are individually wrapped with the ingredients label on the item. We have several students with allergies and we need to see what the item is made of. Please be advised that cupcakes are not allowed. Treat bags that students can take home are a great way to celebrate birthdays at school.

Bike Parking

We have bike racks located at each door that students come out. Student can park their bikes where it is comfortable for them. When students reach the front of the building they should walk their bike or scooter to the rack. In the morning and afternoon the sidewalk can become very busy and it could be dangerous if they are moving along briskly on their bike.  

Bicycle Safety Course

3rd grade students will be taking a bicycle safety course during PE classes. The one week unit will start on September 16th. The final day of the unit, September 20th, we will have a bike ride along the Belleville Bike Trail to SWIC and back. Parents are invited to ride with us. Mrs Kolda will be sending out information on Friday via the purple folder.