Read, Right & Run

Sponsors: Mrs. Macke & Mrs. Bryant

Mascoutah Middle School is proud to participate in the GO! St. Louis Read, Right & Run Marathon. It combines three important components of education, community service, and wellness to give students a fun and challenging way to accomplish a goal. During this program, students will do the following:

  • READ 26 books
  • RIGHT the community by doing 26 good deeds/acts of service
  • RUN 26.2 miles individually to add up to a full MARATHON!
  • Meet once a week after school.
  • Receive a journal to record each book, mile, and deed (fun activities included, too)!
  • Participate in the final event in Forest Park, where each student runs the last 1.2 miles (3.1 for middle school students) of the marathon. Each finisher receives a bib number, t-shirt, and medal!

We hope you will consider having your child participate in this annual event. It is a wonderful way for your child to experience the excitement and pride of reaching long-term goals! If you have any questions, please visit Read, Right & Run's website or call MMS at 618-566-2305.

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